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The opportunities to go to sea are not expected: they are created.
With wakeboarding, wakesurfing and wakefoil we go out to sea, have fun and always train, even in the
absence of wind and waves.

is a fairly simple sport to learn, the athlete (rider) is pulled by a rope tied to the boat, with a board similar to that used for Kite or Snowboard at his feet, that allows him to perform turns, jumps and maneuvers of all kinds.

Those who practice this sport reach a good level in faster kitesurfing, this is because they have already memorized many movements that will be required during the water start.

is the discipline that refers to wave surfing, the surfer uses the wave formed by the boat to surf and perform tricks.

You start towed by the boat for the first few meters so that the wave forms, as soon as you "enter" the wave, you leave the slingbar and "surf"; driven only by the slope of the wave.

is the new frontier of fun behind the boat, it is the perfect link for those who arelearning to do Kite Foil or Wing Foil and have never yet put a real foil under theirfeet.

Our course will help you stay balanced with the right weights on the foil intotal safety, guaranteeing lots of fun.
You can choose from any board you like, Twin tip, Surfboard, Foil or Wing.
4515 min
- The equipment, and skipper are included in the price.
- All courses and Free Session take place at our Kite Zone in Badesi.
- The perfect combo for your vacation with us!
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