First appearing in Polynesia, it became popular when Hawaiian beach boys from Waikiki began using a paddle while they surfed and took photos of tourists on the beach.

Stand Up Paddle is a fairly new water sport that in recent years has become increasingly popular around the world.


  • IT’S EASY: Anyone can do it!

  • IT’S FUN: You get to walk on water, check out the sea bottom, get a tan and get a workout all at the same time!

  • IT’S HEALTHY: At a faster pace, it’s a full body cardio workout. At a slower pace it’s great way to relax.

LESSONS: SUP lessons are taught by our instructors and can be tailored to individuals or groups. The length of each lesson is about 1 hour and starts on the beach and continues on the water. You will be accompanied by our staff throughout the lesson.

30,00 - 1 Person

(equipment included)

50,00 - 2 People

(equipment included)

70,00 - 3 People

(equipment included)

The Sup Tour is a daily activity that lasts between 1 and 2 hours. They are guided tours in stand up paddle to different local beaches (depending on weather conditions). The starting and ending point is our base at Li Junchi beach. The paddle trip is followed by an aperitivo on the beach. If you’ve never tried SUP, we recommending booking an hour long lesson before taking a SUP tour. This will help you to have better control of the paddle and board.

35,00 - 1 Person

(equipment included)
Membership fee for activities to be carried out


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