Lessons are taught by qualified instructors, respecting the strictest safety measures and using the latest equipment to facilitate the learning process.  

What you learn in the beginner course:
  • Theory and safety measures

  • Rigging and De-rigging the kite

  • Launching and landing the kite

  • Kite Control

  • Bodydrag

  • Water starts

  • Take off and plane with the board in the water

( Equipment included )
What you learn with Private Lessons or Semi Private:
  • Equipment Check

  • Description Spot and Dangers

( Equipment included )
What you learn in the Intermediate Course:
What you learn in the Advanced Course:
  • Navigation in different points of sail, kiting upwind and returning to the point of departure

  • Change of direction without dropping into the water

  • Perfection of style and introduction to jumps

  • Transitions

  • Back and Front rotations

  • Hooked and Unhooked Freestyle moves

  • Intro to Kiteloop

( Equipment included )
( Equipment included )
*Membership fee for activities to be carried out
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Nautical Headquarters: Li Junchi, 07030 Badesi (OT) 

Registered Office: Via Nazionale 19°, 07030 Badesi (OT)

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