A few kilometers from the touristic village of Valledoria is the mouth of the Coghinas river: a shallow lagoon with flat water and mud/sand bottom, making it the ideal place to learn water starts on the board or for more advanced riders, to do unhooked freestyle.


Valledoria works with wind from the Southwest, Northeast, North, and Northwest, but it’s at its best with strong West winds!

A narrow spit of sand separates the lagoon from the sea. On days with strong west wind (side), waves between 1 and 4 meters can form, making it  great for waveriding.

  • Level: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

  • Type of bottom: Sand / Mud

  • Kiteable wind directions: Northwest, West, Northeast

  • Water in the lagoon: Super flat

  • Waves form with: Northwest, West and Northeast winds

  • Distance from Alghero or Olbia: 90 km

  • Distance from parking lot: less than an minute

  • Water temperature: 15°C (winter) to 25°C (summer)

  • Windspeed range: 12 - 35 knots