This spot is only 15 km from city of Sassari, 5 km from Porto Torres, 25 km from Badesi, and 3 km from Sorso.  Platamona beach is approximately 10 km long and offers different spots along the coast to kitesurf. The spots work with winds from the Northwest, West, North, Northeast and East and form notable waves with difficult currents. Despite the challenging conditions, it’s an ideal place to bring up your riding level. During the summer months with Northwest wind direction, a sea breeze between 12 and 20 knots can pick up and the water stays fairly flat. Attention to the extremely crowded beaches.

  • Level: Intermediate / Advanced

  • Type of bottom: Sand

  • Kiteable wind directions: Northwest, West, North, Northeast, East

  • Water: waves and current

  • Waves form with: Northwest, West and Northeast winds

  • Distance from Alghero or Olbia: 90 km

  • Distance from parking lot: less than an minute

  • Water temperature: 15°C (winter) to 25°C (summer)

  • Windspeed range: 12 - 35 knots