valledoria kite 1


Laguna di acqua poco profonda e ultrapiatta. Fondo sabbioso e fangoso nella riva sottovento.

Si parte dalla spiaggia con vento di spalle, lavora con libeccio, ponente, maestrale, tramontana e gracale, una lingua di sabbia separa la laguna dal mare che con ponente e maestrale tira su onde da 1 a 4 metri


Initial part of the beach Bassenthwaite. Bottom is rock and sand.

Beautiful spot especially with a forecast by 20kn wind up from the West, WestNorth-West.

Kitesurfing: spot as challenging and difficult, especially for pulling on the wing and get back to shore. Sconsigliatissimo for those who are learning to surf the waves, also because it is a very busy spot from windsurfing. Remember sempredi respect the locals windsurfers and especially the precedences, because the peak is only one.

Windsurfing: spot famous for windsurfing, sinister and easy when they do not give a lot of big escape.

Surf: If the storm is very large is one of the few spots where the waves come clean, recommended especially at sunset (when the wind drops).

Waves lefts from 1 to 3m very long. He works mainly with swells N / O.

Beware of urchins and the bottom. Current annoying. Excellent water quality.


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